Temple Beth Shalom is thrilled to offer the following adult education session to our congregants and to all those interested from the community-at-large:

The Jewish Community of Mosul: Two Historians’ PerspectivesOmar Mohammed and Dr. Arthur Goldschmidt, two distinguished scholars of history will team up to offer a special program about Omar Mohammed’s work to document events in Mosul, Iraq, under the occupation of the Islamic State (aka ISIS), providing citizens of Mosul, the diaspora, and the international community vital information and evidence of Islamic State atrocities. On Sunday, May 23rd from 2-3:00 pm, Omar will Zoom in from Paris to discuss his efforts to preserve the Jewish Heritage of Mosul and his dream of re-establishing a living Jewish community there.

All are welcome to join TBS for this free program via Zoom.  RSVP to https://bit.ly/3ue6Epy (by 5/21/2021).

For questions/concerns about registering, please email adulted@seashul.org.


More about the Presenters:

Omar Mohammed, an Iraqi national, is a PhD candidate in Middle East history at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. He is also an instructor at the Ecole des Sciences Politiques. He earned his BA and MA degrees from the University of Mosul in Iraq. He is the founder of the “Mosul Eye,” in which at great personal risk recorded the actions of the Islamic State during its military occupation of Mosul and which more recently played a major role in the reconstruction of that historic city.

Dr. Arthur Goldschmidt, is Professor Emeritus of Middle East History from Penn State University. He has written several books on the Middle East including Modern Egypt: The Formation of a Nation State, 2004; The Contemporary Middle East, A Brief History of Egypt, 2007; and a Concise History of the Middle East, 2018