Each of us is moved to multiply the blessings in our world in different ways. Here are several opportunities that we hope will inspire you to support Jewish life through Temple Beth Shalom.

Sponsor an Oneg Shabbat: $30 or Kiddush Lunch: $50
We have lovely repasts after services and it is a mitzvah to sponsor them. If you sponsor one of these, your name will be announced from the pulpit after services and included in our synagogue’s newsletter. Many of our members sponsor an Oneg or Kiddush on the Shabbat prior to a loved one’s Yahrzeit, but you can also sponsor the service or repast to honor or commemorate a simcha.

Message Card: $5 (non-members $8)
Why not reach out to someone special in the most personal way: You can wish someone “Happy Birthday” or “Get Well” or express sympathy or offer your good wishes for any occasion. Just provide the info to the office and a Temple Beth Shalom note card will be sent out with your personal wishes. Our note cards have been updated to show our synagogue’s beautiful new décor.

Building Fund, Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, Prayer Book Dedication, and Torah Fund: An Amount of Your Choice
It is tradition in our culture to commemorate life events by giving Tzedakah. You can make a contribution of any amount to any of these funds and be assured that the money will be appreciated and used for the dedicated purpose.

Prayer/Chumash Book Dedication: $36
Some of our Shabbat prayer and Chumash books do not have a dedication panel. You can dedicate one of these books to remember or honor individuals or to commemorate a special moment in someone’s life.

Beautiful Note Cards: Package of 12 Cards and Envelopes for $18.00
Our newly created note cards are available for purchase. There are four different cards, each one featuring a different view of our beautifully renovated synagogue with an exposition on the back. A package includes 12 cards (3 of each picture) with envelopes.

To donate toward any of these ends, please visit our donation page on this website or contact the office at office@seashul.org or at (609) 266-0403.