Passover 5782

Each year, Temple Beth Shalom’s Rabbi sends our congregants a Passover mailing with materials to enhance the holiday covered by a passover letter with a tear-off sheet for selling Hametz (leaven).

If you would like these materials (perhaps you are away from home and/or did not receive Rabbi Fox’s mailing), you can download a general letter and the following materials here:
Rabbi Fox’s Passover Letter 5782

Helpful Passover Resources:
Making a Memorable Seder
Songs to Sweeten Your Seder! (A Humourous Seder Pamphlet)
USCJ Passover Seder Pamphlet
American Jewish World Service Seder Supplement

If you would like to sell your Hametz and/or make a Maot Hittin donation for those less fortunate than you, please Rabbi Fox’s Passover Letter for instructions; of course, donations are NOT required to sell your Hametz.

Rabbi and Sarah Fox and the twins wish you the very sweetest Passover!