Planned Giving

You can make more of a difference than you know.

Most of us are uncomfortable with discussing our end of life plans, especially when it comes to our financial plans. It can be a scary topic. And, yet, approaching this topic can unlock some great blessings for you and for those who matter to you.

Congregations are made up of people who have needs and those who want to give of themselves to others; often, one and the same. Our congregation functions best when our members devote ourselves to our mission and to the uplifting of our fellow Jews and Jewish households. Not only do we serve our members but we also serve the wider Jewish community and the Jewish People. Simply put, we cannot do all these things and more without your generous help.

Please remember Temple Beth Shalom as you make plans for those important to you in your life.

To discuss a bequest to Temple Beth Shalom, please contact the office and we will connect you with an appropriate, discrete member of our leadership to discuss how you might include Temple Beth Shalom in your will. If you prefer, you may speak with Rabbi Fox, who has spoken about bequests with a number of congregants, to discuss your thoughts. You can reach the office at or (609) 266-0403 and Rabbi Fox at