Join us for a rare opportunity to enter the ancient, sacred world of the Sofer, the Jewish scribal arts of copying and beautifying Torah scrolls and other Jewish holy texts and documents.

This fascinating program will be offered in two parts, as follows:

Introduction and Screening1:00 p.m. to ~1:50/2:00 p.m.  Rabbi Hale will provide an introductory explanation of his sacred work as a Scribe. We will then screen the short-form documentary film, Commandment 613, which highlights Sofer Rabbi Hale and his work, followed by an engaging question and answer session.

The Life of a Scribe.  2:05 p.m. to ~2:45/3:00 p.m.  After a brief break, for those who can stay longer, Rabbi Hale will offer more of a “show and tell” of tools and practices, and will share in greater depth his experience as a Sofer.

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More about Rabbi Kevin Hale:

The holy work of Rabbi Kevin Hale (RRC ’95) includes evaluating and restoring Torah scrolls, writing megillot and mezuzot, and teaching about Judaism’s sacred scribal traditions. As a Sofer (Scribe) authorized to repair Czech scrolls from the London Memorial Scrolls Trust, he follows in the footsteps of mentor Rabbi Dr. Eric Ray.  Rabbi Hale’s COVID-time project, Torah B’Yad, offered calligraphed sections of Torah on parchment for use in online Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies and beyond. A deeply curious tinkerer, he builds (and invents) musical instruments, bakes his own matzah, and is currently studying the laws and traditions of divorce to be a certified Mesader Gittin. Rabbi Hale’s work can be found on his website: