Passover 5779

Each year, Temple Beth Shalom's Rabbi sends our congregants a Passover mailing with materials to enhance the holiday covered by a passover letter with a tear-off sheet for selling Hametz (leaven).

If you would like these materials (perhaps you are away from home and/or did not receive Rabbi Fox's mailing), you can download a general letter and the following materials here:

Helpful Passover Resources:

If you would like to sell your Hametz and/or make a Maot Hittin donation for those less fortunate than you, please return the tear-off sheet to Rabbi Fox at Temple Beth Shalom (see address below); of course, donations are NOT required to sell your Hametz.  Alternatively, you can submit a scan of your completed tear-off sheet via email to Rabbi Fox (please don't scan your check!) before Friday, April 19, at noon (give or take).  

Rabbi and Sarah Fox and the twins wish you the very sweetest Passover!